What We Do


Variety’s Freedom Program delivers crucial life-changing equipment and services to assist children who require developing and mobility assistance. 

Variety Club of Florida has also been a long time benefactor of the Howard Phillips Center for Children and Families, located in Orlando, Florida.  This medical center provides services to developmentally challenged and abused children.  Over the last decade the Variety Club of Florida has donated over $250,000 dollars to this organization which is so vital to our community.

Variety's FREEDOM Program grants may include:



Variety’s Care Program delivers critical life-saving medical equipment and services to families and children's health organizations.  Through the Care Program we have saved babies lives and promote their recovery. 

Variety of Florida pledged $500,000 to enable Arnold Palmer's Hospital NICU Unit to purchase one of the first ECMO Machines in Central Florida.  These machines are used to keep alive premature newborn babies.  The final check of the pledge was presented to Dr. Alexander at one of our Wine Tasting Events.

Variety's CARE Program grants may include:



Variety’s Future Program enriches children's lives by providing services that will enhance their education, self esteem and character development.  The vision of Variety's Future Program is to assure that every child has a limitless future.

Variety of Florida has donated over $90,000 to the University of Central Florida for their CHIPS College Program, Scholarships and the Go-Baby-Go Program.  Their mission is to provide innovative, accessible and practical options to improve the lives of children with limited mobility.  They are dedicated to interdisciplinary research, community outreach and advocacy for children with mobile impairments.  Variety of Florida is committed to UCF's Go-Baby-Go! program and plans to have events to continue to provide resources to this meritorious program.

Variety's FUTURE Program grants may include:



Specialized Mobility Bicycles help children with disabilities gain mobility, confidence, freedom, independence and the chance to join in the life of their community.   Variety – the Children’s Charity of Florida provides these specialized mobility bicycles to community physical therapy centers and children's hospitals throughout Central Florida. In addition to seeing the smiles on children’s faces, these mobility pieces offer both physical and therapeutic benefits. Unfortunately, these mobility bicycles are cost prohibitive to some families and are not covered by insurance.  We work with local physical therapy centers to identify children who would greatly benefit from a specialized mobility bicycle like the ones Variety – the Children’s Charity of Florida has to offer.