For children with hearing and verbal challenges, early intervention is key. Variety of Florida is a proud partner to the University of Central Florida's Communications Sciences and Disorders Clinics and helping to power enhanced outcomes with early treatment! We are helping children of all ages and abilities find new ways to express themselves and communicate with the world!

Variety Powers Possibility! A Communications Sciences and Disorders (CSD) student at the University of Central Florida prepares to use one of the special iPads that was donated by Variety of Florida to help children with speech issues find alternative ways to communicate. And the special Variety windowed face mask helps the young clients read lips and see the expressions of their therapists.

No matter how small, the urge to communicate is an essential human need. Variety of Florida partnered with the University of Central Florida's Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Lab this fall to provide special iPads with special communication software that opens up new worlds of communication for children of all ages.

One of our smaller UCF friends showcases how Variety of Florida helps Knights in training to CHARGE ON through the use of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Here she is using one of the special iPads funded by Variety of Florida that helps support new ways of communicating for children who cannot do so through traditional methods.

For many children, traditional communication is a challenge. Specialists and student professionals at the University of Central Florida's Communications Sciences and Disorders Clinic are using specially equipped iPads to help expand their young client's communication options thanks to support from Variety of Florida.

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