We are stronger when we join forces for good! On Wednesday December 1st, faculty from the AAC Lab at the UCF College of Health Professions and Sciences joined with representatives from Variety of Florida which include Marshall Cohn, President of Variety of Florida along with Bob Winters, Karen Jensen and Richard Goldstein of Variety and the INIT Innovations in Transportation, Inc. team to present special adapted toys to be distributed to families served by the Howard Phillips Center for Children and Families.

Earlier this year, Variety of Florida funded a new mobile Makerspace for the UCF College of Health Professionals and Sciences. This space is equipped to give UCF faculty and students the unique 3D printing tools and materials needed to make customized innovations for children with disabilities. This can include adapted toys operated by switches for children with fine motor challenges. Thanks to that contribution and an additional contribution from INIT for the toys, UCF faculty and students were able to learn new skills and pass the positive results along to the community.

"Thank You all for such a special day! It brought such happiness to see a reflection of the joy your faces that the toys will be bringing to some special children and families. There truly is magic in play."

said -Jennifer Wolf with the University of Central Florida
(located in the middle in picture below).

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