How To Get Help


Variety - The Children's Charity of Florida, Inc. is committed to helping children with mobility concerns in Florida.  However, current constraints of our organization Variety is not equipped to directly help individual families.  All of our financial assistance is geared strictly to non-profit organizations that work with families that require assistance with special needs children.

Variety's Mobility Program provides much-needed assistance to children with mobility concerns. Over the years, we have found that certain children desperately want to be active members of their communities. But they need what most of us take for granted: access. For children with disabilities, this means having the freedom to go where they want to, either on their own or if they need assistance, reducing the impact they make on those helping them. With the advent of many new mobility technologies, this access is becoming available to more and more children. In order to have our mobility program make the biggest impact possible, Variety partners with non-profit organizations that are dedicated to improving the lives of children with mobility issues.


Disclaimer - Regrettably at this time, Variety is not able to accept solicitations from individual families for assistance.